About us

Gold Rose Construction LLC, part of Gold Rose Group LLC, specializes in building modern, high-quality luxury homes using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. We are home builders who are changing the way of home construction by using green technology to build energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes.​

Our homes are single-family and multi-family units. Each home has the option to incorporate solar panels to reduce the impact on the environment and to lower the monthly energy costs.   

If you are moving to Las Vegas and seeking a modern, sustainable home, we will gladly help you find the right place that suits your needs. 


Reserve your plot today and we'll work with you on designing and customizing the home you've always dreamed of!


Gold Rose Construction, LLC & Gold Rose Homes

Part of Gold Rose Group, LLC

9775 Severence Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada 89149

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Monday - Saturday

from 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 





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