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Happy Holidays from Us to you!!!

Its that time of year already!! Holidays are here and everyone is trying to see their families and friends. After the big hit of COVID-19, I know a lot of people had to stay back and were unable to visit their loved ones. We here at Gold Rose Construction want to wish you all a very safe and loving holiday season. We hope you get to visit your family and friends this year.

We are very busy trying to finish lot 2 of Kensington Manor Project. We have only a few short weeks left before the Open House. Stay tuned for more updates on this because we will be inviting everyone to come and see it. We may also be doing a virtual open house for those people that are unable to make it in person. Its going to be amazing. Keep an eye on our social media's for Daily photo updates that LB posts. She will be giving a small Tour on them later today.

Happy Holidays to you all !!!!!

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